Puerto Rico With Kids

Are you visiting Puerto Rico with your children?
If yes, the following articles will give you an idea of the best things to see and do with your kids during your vacation in Puerto Rico:

Self Guided Walking Tour Part 1

Old San Juan is not that large and so it is easy to get around. For kids there are museums, 2 magnificent forts and spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. If you don’t feel like walkiing you can still follow parts of thjis tour, but use the free Old San Juan trolley service to get you to the two forts.
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El Yunque Trails

There are 6 main trails in El Yunque ranging in difficulty from easy to challenging. The six trails are; Big Tree Trail, La Mina Trail, Caimitillo Trail, El Yunque Trail, Mt. Britton Trail and BaƱo de Oro Trail.
The drive from San Juan to El Yunque is realtively straightforward and should take around 60-75 minutes, depending on traffic.
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Kite Flying in Old San Juan

On weekends (weather permitting) you will find the area in front of El Morro fort packed with families flying chirangas (kites). People fly kites of all shapes and sizes and the skies near El Morro can get very crowded.
Don’t worry if you don’t have a kite with you, most of the roadside vendors close to El Morro sell inexpensive kites.
Even if you don’t plan on flying a kite, it is well worth the trip to El Morro, just to see them flying.
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Off Road Tours of El Yunque and Kayaking Safari’s

For more action packed adventures, you could take your kids on an ATV or horse riding tour of the foothills of El Yunque.
For water adventures consider an Aquafari; a combination of kayaking and snorkeling along the north east coast of the island.
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