What’s On

Puerto Rico is an energetic island that has plenty to offer everyone. Here you will find a selection of the events that are happening in the coming months.

We will do our best to detail all of the major events and those more off-beat events that are happening here in Puerto Rico. The events listed in this section are based on information obtained from online as well as local media. If you are planning on going to one of the events, please contact the organizers ahead of time, to make sure that the event is taking place.

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    Every Friday
    Agricultural Market
    Agricultural Center, San Sebastian (787-896-155)

    1st Friday
    Music & Culinary Festival
    River Walk (Tablado del Rio), Guaynabo (787-720-4040)

    Nights in Paradise
    6pm, Town Sqaure, Dorado (787-796-5740)

    Mojo Culinary Fest
    7pm, Town Square, Salinas (787-824-4071)

    Salsa Dancing Night
    8pm, Pedro Montanez Square, Cayey (787-263-7635)

    2nd Friday
    Vega Baja Gastronómico
    6pm Balneario Puerto Nuevo, Vega Baja (787-858-5801)

    Arroyo is Culture Live It
    Town Square, Arroyo (787-839-3500)

    Bohemia Nights
    7pm, Plaza del Mercado, Caguas (787-744-8833 ext 2984)

    3rd Friday
    Plena Musical Night
    7pm, Arbol de la Paz Square, Hatillo (787-262-3561)

    Enchanted Night
    6pm, Cristobal Colon Square, Guayama (787-866-2506)

    Last Friday
    French Cinema Night
    206 Rosario St (787-722-3174)

    Flavors @ Guaynabo City
    5pm, Roman Baldorioty de Castro Amphitheater, Guaynabo (787-720-4040)

    Coamo Culinary Festival
    7pm, Luis Munoz Rivera Square, Coamo (787-825-1150)

    Al Fresco Gastronomic Event
    6pm, Paseo de las Artes, Caguas (787-744-8833 ext 2984)


    Every Saturday
    Children’s Activities @ the Children’s Museum
    Old San Juan (787-722-3791)

    Agricultural Market
    8am-1pm Museum of Art & History
    Old San Juan (787-900-2184)

    1st & 3rd Saturday
    Mother Earth Cooperative Organic Market (Tierra Mercado Organico)
    8am-2pm, Roosevelt Square, San Juan (787-202-0392)

    1st Saturday
    San Juan Outdoor Cinema

    Jamie Benitez Park (Condado Lagoon), San Juan (787-725-8165)


    Every Sunday
    Agro-Ecological Market

    Town Square, Rincon (787-823-5024)

    Artisan Market
    Revolution Square, Lares (787-897-3290)

    Puerto Rico Canta y Crece
    Plaza del Mercado, Caguas (787-744-8833 ext 2984)

    1st Sunday
    Mercado Urbano (Urban Market)

    11am-3pm, Ventana al Mar, Condado, San Juan (787-641-4300)

    Artisan Sunday
    Museo de las Americas, San Juan (787-724-5052)

    Humacao Culinary Fest
    11am, Luiz Munoz Rivera Square, Humacao (787-602-8821)

    2nd Sunday
    San Juan Outdoor Cinema

    7pm, La Ciudadela, San Juan (787-725-8165)

    Bombazo por Ache de Bomba y Plena
    Maria de la Cruz Cave, Loiza (787-876-1040)

    Last Sunday
    Heineken Jazz Fest

    Ventana al Mar, Condado, San Juan (787-721-2400)

    Musical Sunday
    Dolphin Square, Arecibo (787-222-6470)


    Every Thursday
    Artisan Nights

    Town Square, Rincon (787-823-5024)

    Art Walk
    Town Square, Rincon (787-823-5024)

    3rd Thursday
    Museum Nights

    Museo de Las Americas, Old San Juan (787-724-5052)

  • Aug 19-23
    Old San Juan “SOFO” Culinary Fest 2015
    One of the most food events in Puerto Rico the SoFo Food Festival with numerous restaurants in Old san Juan participating. Live music and artisans will also be lining the streets during the event
    Where: Old San Juan

    Aug 25
    Free Admission to El Morro & San Cristobal Forts
    Where: Old San Juan

    Aug 29
    Puerto Rico Margarita Festival
    Head to the Puerto Rico Convention center, for the best margaritas in town
    Where: 6pm Puerto Rico Covention Center, San Juan
    More Info: Facebook

    Aug 30
    Bahia Urbana Kids
    Childrens events, rides and more
    Where: Bahia Urbana, Old San Juan
    More Info: 787-977-2777

  • Sep 4-6
    Festival de la Pana, Humacao
    Annual Town festival featuring Pana (Breadfruit)
    Where: Loma de la Nina Mariana sector, Humacao
    More Info: 787-852-3066

    Sep 4-6
    Festival Jueyero, manuabo
    Annual festival featuring Jueyero (Land Crab)
    Where: Manuabo Municipal Coliseum, Manuabo
    More Info: 787-861-0825

    Sep 5-6
    Festival de Arepa, Vieques
    Where: Town Square, Vieques

    Sep 5-6
    Antique Fair, San German
    Large antique fair on the west side of the island
    Where: San German

    Sep 26-27
    6th Annual Coffee & Chocolate Expo
    Puerto Rico Convention Center hosts the annual Coffee & Chocolate Expo, featuring the best coffee and chocolate from the region
    Where: Puerto Rico Convention Center, San Juan

  • Oct 3
    Lily’s Angels Family Fun day
    In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month
    Where: Galería de Suchville

    Oct 10-11
    Bakery & Restaurant Show Puerto Rico 2015
    Exhibitions and more
    Where: Puerto Rico Convention Center, San Juan

    Oct 9-11
    Fiestas del Pueblo, Vega Baja5
    Where: Vega Baja

    Oct 7-11
    Ciales Patron Saint Festival
    Annual town festival, with artisan, music, food and more.
    Where: Ciales

    Oct 17
    Food Truckber Fest
    Celebration with some of Puerto Rico’s top food trucks
    Where: 4pm Plaza de Marcado, Caguas

    Oct 23 – 24
    West Beer Fest
    One of Puerto Rico’s biggest festivals
    Where: Amfiteatro, Parque El Litoral, Mayaguez

    Oct 30-Nov 1
    Festival del Platano (Plantain Festival), Corozal
    Annual festival starring the plantain
    WhereL Corozal

Note: All events are subject to change, so contact the event organizers for up to date information. Discovering Puerto Rico is not responsible for any schedule changes

Resource: Que Pasa Magazine, local media