Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tropical Storm Bertha: (updated Weds, Aug 1, 2014 @ 15pm AST/EDT) Puerto Rico is currently under a Tropical Storm Warning. Tropcal Storm Bertha is currently 405 miles SE of San Juan moving WNW at 24mph. The storm has max sustained winds of 50mph with TS force winds extending out up to 115 miles. The current predicted path takes TS Bertha close to the SW of Puerto Rico during Sat/Sun. . Expect rainfall around 3-6 inches with isolated maximum of 10 inches.
You can get the latest info on TS Bertha on our weather page.

Krispy Kreme Arrives in Puerto Rico

Krispy Kreme in Caguas, Puerto RicoWell it’s official. You can now get your Krispy Kreme fix here in Puerto Rico. Yes, that’s right Puerto Rico now has its very first Krispy Kreme store located in Caguas.

With an offer of free doughnuts for a year, people lined up over night in order to be near the front, when the doors opened. Originally Krispy Kreme were only giving away 50 ‘free doughnut’ prizes, but the crowd was so big they increased this to 100.

So if you feel the need for a freshly cooked glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut while on your vacation, then you’ll need to hop in a car and head to Caguas. If Caguas is too far for you, just stop at one of the roadside vendors and see what tasty fried treats they have available.


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  1. Ruth Martin says:

    ayer en la noche visite jhunto mis hijos la tienda y la llegar al area de pedido los ninos esperaban (luego de 45 minutos) la muestra “gratis” que decepcion el “gerente” decidio no darla por que tenia “rush”. He visitado la tienda en multiples ocasiones y el volumen es el mismo “rush” y la “muestra” no faltaba. pregunte al personal sobre el cambio y les deje saber el impacto en los ninos y el gerente de forma burlona y sarcastica me dijo ” cuantas cajas quiere?” Entiendo que todo el que visita la tienda es por que va a comprar pero el estilo de comunicacion entre los representantes de la compania pueden llevar al cliente a considerar otras opciones. Que lamentable que una experiencia con esta cambie mi opinion sobre la compania….

    • Hi Ruth sorry you had a bad experience there. I’ve heard good things about it, but also that the lines and wait can be very long.

    • Como no le dieron algo de gratis, como es de costumbre, vamos a criticarlos, que mala fe y egoista hay que ser, cuando no te dan una simple dona, que pena me da ver este comentario.

  2. ants to know where can i go to see if I can be part of this team here on ponce P.R. THERE ITS GOING TO BE OPEN SOON ON PONCE TOWN CENTER A FAVOR. PLEASE.

  3. Dona Lopez says:

    we need krispy cream donuts in Aguadill why so far away its not fair please conisder opening on in Aguadilla im from C.A i miss my dounts very much thank you

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