Taxi Rate Increase

Friday the 13th (2008) was not the best of days for travelers arriving or leaving San Juan, as taxi transportation was disrupted due to a disagreement between the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) and the Taxi Federation. Travelers wanting to get a taxi had a hard time, as the local taxi drivers went on strike for several hours.

The disagreement stems from the request by the Taxi Federation to increase the rate for the tourist zones by $2 with an increase in the luggage rate to $1 per suitcase. The Puerto Rico Tourism Company sanctioned an increase of $1.50 with no increase in luggage rate.

The stoppage lasted several hours with the PRTC providing some transportation for stranded passengers. Currently the taxis are back on the road and the PRTC will be re-examining the request for an increase of $2 and $1 per suitcase. There is potential for more disruption by the local taxi drivers, if the PRTC again denies their request.

The increases will be reflected in the standard taxi rates for the various tourist zones, in and around San Juan. Check here and add $1.50 to each zone rate.

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