Take Underwater Photos with the SeaLife EcoShot Digital Camera

sealife ecoshots underwater camera

If you are coming here to Puerto Rico to do some snorkeling or scuba diving, then having an underwater camera to capture the amazing underwater scenes is a must. There are plenty of disposable cameras that you can take down a few feet and of course you could buy a waterproof case for your existing camera. But what if you are diving a little deeper? Today, I came across the … [Read more...]

Reef Stash Sandals Provide Storage Solution

reef stash sandals

So where do you put your cash, credit cards and car keys when you just want to head to the beach without carrying any bags etc. Well, you can always ask your partner to look after your stuff or you can get a pair of Reef Stash Sandals and place your cash, credit cards and car keys in the removal compartment hidden in the heal of the sandal. The Stash sandals are another … [Read more...]

Puerto Rico Essential Travel Gear Part 2

Puerto Rico Essential Travel Gear

Following on from ‘Essential Gear Part 1’ where I talked about having a good digital camera when you come to Puerto Rico; another essential item that I believe you should have with you in Puerto Rico, is an mp3 player (portable music player). Why do I believe this should be high on your list of essential travel gear? There are several reasons. … [Read more...]

Drink in a Sandal

reef dram sandal

The other day I came across these sandals from the manufacturer Reef. From the outside they look like normal Reef sandals, but on closer inspection of the Reef Dram Sandal, you will see that they have the added bonus of a small drinks container in the heel of the sandal. Yes, you read correctly, these sandals come with a built in drinks container. … [Read more...]

Puerto Rico – Essential Gear Part 1

What are some of the must have items when you are on vacation (or business) in Puerto Rico? From my own personal perspective the following would be on the top of my list of items to bring: Digital camera: This goes without saying, you need to have a camera with you at all times when you are in Puerto Rico. … [Read more...]