Fondeando: Eating Local in Puerto Rico


Fondeando: eating Local in Puerto Rico, is an extremely well written book with beautiful photography by by Tere Davila and Paola Nogueras. The book explores some of Puerto Rico’s best known restaurants along with hidden gems that you would miss without some local insider knowledge. Focusing on typical Puerto Rican Fondas, Restaurante Tipicos and Chinchorros (dives / … [Read more...]

Tours with Para La Naturaleza – The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico

Para La Naturaleza Tours

Para La Naturaleza is the new website for the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico, which is a private nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect lands of high ecological value, with the goal that by 2033; 33% of Puerto Rico’s natural ecosystems will be protected. My family and I recently did the Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Tour and it was awesome. You can see my … [Read more...]

Puerto Rico Events: July 2013

Puerto Rico Events July 2013

Heading to Puerto Rico in July? Highlights include the Aibonito Flower Festival, the Cattleman’s BBQ Competition, the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress, festivals for local foods, crabs, criollo sauce and Annual Patron Saints Festivals. Until Jul 7, Aibonito Flower Festival The annual Aibonito Flower Festival continues during the first week of July featuring plant and flower … [Read more...]

Get to Know the Regions of Puerto Rico

Regions of Puerto Rico

The island of Puerto Rico packs a tremendous amount of diversification into its relative small land mass, making it a perfect holiday destination for folks looking for more than just a Caribbean beach getaway. In order to help promote the whole island of Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rico Government and Puerto Rico Tourism Company divided the island into regions; with each region … [Read more...]

Puerto Rico Road Trips

PR 143 Scenic View Point Puerto Rico

The fastest way (usually) to drive around Puerto Rico is to take the toll roads (autopistas). This is fine if you want to just get from A to B as quickly as possible, but if you have the time, I urge you to explore the roads beyond the autopista. You won’t be disappointed and will be rewarded with; great drives, awesome views and the chance to discover some of Puerto Rico’s … [Read more...]

Ponce Carnival 2012

Ponce Carnival

Held every year during the week leading up to Ash Wednesday, the Ponce Carnival in Puerto Rico is a HUGE celebration attended by thousands of locals and visitors to the island. This year’s event takes place from February 15th to 21st. The Carnaval de Ponce as it is known locally is one of the oldest carnivals, with its roots dating back to 1858. It marks the beginning of … [Read more...]