Vloggers in Paradise; Starring…

vloggers in Puerto Rico

Question: What do you get when you bring 6 popular online video bloggers (Vloggers) to Puerto Rico, give them 48hrs and a limit budget to film around Puerto Rico Answer: Thanks to the San Juan Marriott, you get 6 awesome unique videos capturing the best of Puerto Rico The Vloggers in Paradise Challenge was sponsored by the Kelly Ferro (www.tripfilms.com) Once filming … [Read more...]

Leatherback Sea Turtles of Puerto Rico

leatherback sea turtle puerto rico

Nature is amazing, it’s all around us, but how many of us really take time to see and enjoy it? Sometimes it takes one of nature’s miracles to jolt us into really seeing just what is out there. Some folks on a San Juan beach this month were lucky enough to witness one of nature’s awesomeness at work; when dozens of baby leatherback turtles hatched and began their long and … [Read more...]

4th of July in Puerto Rico

4th of july in puerto rico

As island celebrations go, the 4th of July in Puerto Rico is a low key event. Yes it is an official holiday here, with the majority of islander enjoying time with their families. So expect the beaches and places like El Yunque Rainforest will be very busy, just like a regular holiday. So if you are visiting Puerto Rico over the 4th of July weekend and are looking to … [Read more...]

Fathers Day in Puerto Rico

fathers day in puerto rico

If you happen to be spending fathers day in Puerto Rico, here are a few ideas to give your dad a great time on this special day. Adventurous Dad For those dads that like a bit of an adrenalin rush, why not treat them to an adventure at one of the many zip line tours here in Puerto Rico. There are tour operators based all over the island with most of them providing … [Read more...]

Gastro Extravaganza, Fighter Planes and Movies Galore: Puerto Rico, April 2011

puerto rico april 2011

Two days of mouth watering food, an Air show and a weeklong film festival are the highlights for April, here in Puerto Rico. April 2-3 Saborea Puerto Rico 2011 This annual event takes place at Escambron Beach, San Juan and highlights the best Puerto Rican restaurants, local and international chefs as well as well known television personalities. This year, Saborea Puerto … [Read more...]

Puerto Rico through the Eyes of Surfing

Puerto Rico through the eyes of surfers

Thanks to Rincon Life I found this really awesome video of Puerto Rico and just had to share it on the site for you to enjoy too. The aim of ‘The Salitre: Puerto Rico through the Eyes of Surfing’ project, was to capture a taste of Puerto Rico and its surf culture from the eyes of local surfers. … [Read more...]

2010 Hurricane Season: Above Average Predicted

2010 Hurricane Season Puerto Rico

The 2010 Hurricane Season could be an above-average season according to the Colorado State University hurricane forecasting team. Their newly released April predictions are calling for 8 hurricanes of which 4 will be categorized as major hurricanes of Cat 3 and above. With the 2010 Hurricane Season running from June 1 until November 30, the Colorado team predicts that … [Read more...]