Wednesday, July 8, 2015

7 Natural Wonders of Puerto Rico – Cast Your Vote

seven wonders puerto rico

Cast Your Vote and help pick the top 7 Natural Wonders of Puerto Rico. Voting begins March 1 until May 31, 2010 The 7 Natural Wonders of Puerto Rico (las 7 maravillas naturales de Puerto Rico) is local competition to recognize the natural beauty of Puerto Rico and is sponsored by Garnier, Walmart, Amigo Supermarkets [...]

History of Puerto Rico Earthquakes

Puerto Rico Earthquakes

The tragedy that is currently unfolding in Haiti from the recent devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake got me thinking about earthquakes here in Puerto Rico. The image above represents the earthquake activity for the past seven days here in Puerto Rico (roughly Jan 8 – 15, 2010) as you can see there are quite a few [...]

Visit Puerto Rico and Learn to Cook Traditional Puerto Rican Dishes

learn to cook in puerto rico

Alcapurrias, Bacalitos, Empanadillas, Mofongo, Pasteles, Tostones, Lechon, Arroz y Habichuelas, Tembleque and Tres Leche; is your mouth watering yet? These are just some of the many food delights that await you here in Puerto Rico. If you have visited Puerto Rico then I am sure you have tried some if not all of the above. [...]

Puerto Rico Food – The Basics

Puerto Rico Food

You can‘t come to Puerto Rico without trying the local cuisine. Whether you are planning on eating at local restaurants or buying food at local markets, it’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of the Puerto Rican names of food and dishes. Learning some of these (if not all) will help you enjoy [...]

Puerto Rico Quarter

puerto rico quarter

The new Puerto Rico Quarter will be available at banks tomorrow, Monday March 30, 2009. On Thursday April 2, United States Mint Director Ed Moy will be at the La Arcada in Paseo La Princesa, San Juan, to perform the official launch of the Puerto Rico Quarter. The new Governor, Luis Fortuno and his wife, [...]

Bio Bay Moon Phase Calendar for 2009

biobay moon phase calendar

The Bio Bay Moon Phase Calendar has been updated for 2009, so if you are planning on checking out one of the three Bio Bays here in Puerto Rico, make sure you arrange the dates to correspond to the best nights to go. As a quick summary, the following dates will NOT be good for [...]

14 Ideas for Valentines Day in Puerto Rico

valentines day in puerto rico

With an island as diverse as Puerto Rico there are countless ways in which you can celebrate Valentines Day; here are 14 ideas 1. Surprise Your Loved One with a Weekend in Puerto Rico Why not arrange a long weekend in Puerto Rico to celebrate Valentines Day. From the USA, no passport is required, so [...]

Patron Saint Festivals in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a very religious place and the people of Puerto Rico like to dedicate (and celebrate) specific days to a saint or virgin. All around the island you will find Patron Saint Festivals celebrated throughout the year. These festivals are great times to visit other parts of the island (though you don’t need [...]

10 Lighthouses of Puerto Rico

lighthouses of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has 15 lighthouses located around the coastline (16 if you include the ruins of the Isla de Cabras lighthouse built by the United States). Of these, 5 are in desperate need of repair (and included on the Lighthouse Doomsday List) and 10 have been recently restored or are in good shape.

Visit Puerto Rico with Panoramio


So what is Panoramio? Basically it is Google maps with user generated photos. It’s a great way to see what other travelers have found interesting to photograph, here in Puerto Rico. So if you want to see what San Juan has to offer, just enter ‘San Juan, Puerto Rico’ into the search field and Panoramio [...]