Surfing in Puerto Rico

Surfing in Puerto RicoPhoto by spacemonkey using CC. Note: this photo was not taken in PR
There are many areas around the coastline of Puerto Rico that are suitable for surfing; but where can you find the best surf?

One of the best if not the best area’s for surfing in Puerto Rico is Rincon, located on the west coast of the island. The beaches around Rincon are a magnet for experienced and not so experienced surfers, as well as pro surfers. So if you are planning on doing any serious surfing while on vacation in Puerto Rico; Rincon should be at the top of your list.
Rincon’s geography means that more than 50% of its coastline is ideal for surfers. Of all the beaches close to Rincon, the four most popular are: Domes, Maria’s, Tres Palmas and sandy Beach.

Domes Beach

Domes is located close to the Rincon Lighthouse, and the beach gets its name from the domed shaped nuclear power plant that is close to the beach. Don’t worry; the plant was never introduced into service.
Domes beach is one of the most popular for surfers (and competitions), because even when conditions are not the best; Domes serves up consistent waves. The waves break mainly to the right and when conditions are quiet, it’s a great spot for beginners.
Best waves – when wind is from the east
Maximum waves – 10ft

Maria’s Beach

Marias is located just south of Domes Beach and is another popular spot for surfers of all levels. With up to 5 breaks of various sizes and forms, Maria’s can become crowded, especially on a weekend.
Best Waves – when the wind is from the north east
Maximum waves – 15ft

Tres Palmas Beach

Tres Palmas is the place to go if you are searching for big waves. Waves of around 25ft draw the more experienced surfers to this beach. Don’t expect these large waves all the time; as they only occur 4 or 5 times during the year, when conditions are just right.

Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach is located on the northern coastline of Rincon Peninsula and is one of the few beaches in the area that has a left break. Here you will find fast powerful waves and is probably not the place to be if you are inexperienced.
Best waves – when the wind is from the south, southeast
Maximum waves – 10ft

Rincon is not the only place on the island for catching the surf. You should also consider the following areas (recommended experience level in brackets):
Aguadilla – Crash Boat (experienced) and Surfers Beach (average)
Isabella – Jobos (average) and Middles (experienced)
Arecibo – Hollows (average)
Manati – Los Tubos (novice)
San Juan – la Ocha (novice) and La Bomba (novice)
Carolina – Pine Grove (novice) and Caballos (average)
Loiza – Aviones (average) and Chatana (experienced)
Luquillo – La Pared (novice) and La Selva (average)
Fajardo – Race Track (average) and El Faro (average)
Humacao – Palmas Del Mar (novice)
Patillas – Inches (novice)

Note: you will experience the best surfing conditions between September and May around the northern parts of the island (including Rincon) and on the south side between May and October.


  1. says

    Great post about surfing in Puerto Rico and that the best area for beginner surfers is Rincon.I like the info on weather conditions and the best times of the year for surfing in different locations.

    • asher says

      Most of Rincon is not good for beginners, especially during the winter months. Heavy waves and strong currents, combined with reef and rocky bottom make for a dangerous combination. If you are a beginner in Rincon, I recommend getting surf lessons from an experienced local.

  2. says

    Great post. Very helpful and extremely informative. I did a bit of research regarding surf destinations worldwide and I have found out that Rincon is the place to be if you are a surfer. The warm tropical waters and off-shore winds are just ideal for surfing. Thanks for posting this. Hope that you could feature more of the major surfing destinations.


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