SoFo Food Festival August 2013

Sofo Food Festival Old San Juan
UPDATED: 2013 Sofo Festival, August 8-11, 2013

The SoFo Food Festival returns to the streets of Old San Juan from August 8 – 11, 2013.

San Francisco Street, Fortaleza Street, Recinto Sur and Plaza Arturo Somohano will be the places to be during this 4 day festival of food.

35 restaurants from Old San Juan will be participating in the 19th edition of the Sofo Culinary Festival showcasing there cuisine and culinary skills; this is a great way to try some amazing food from some of the best restaurants in Old San Juan.

Each restaurant will offer small samples of their best dishes; so it’s easy to jump from restaurant to restaurant without breaking the bank.

There will also be 5 areas around the festival showcasing local musical talent; after all it would not be a festival in Puerto Rico without Music…

Some of the restaurants taking part include:
Agua Viva
Al Dente
Café Berlín
Café Puerto Rico
Lupis Mexican Grill
Siglo XX,
Vaca Brava
And many more…

So when can you check out the great food and music at the Sofo Food Festival.

Thursday Aug 8, 5pm to 12 midnight
Friday Aug 9, 5 pm to 1am
Saturday Aug 10, 3pm to 1 am
Sunday Aug 11, 3pm to 10pm

The festival is extremely popular so plan on getting there early, especially if you are driving into Old San Juan.

What: Sofo Culinary Festival
When: Aug 8 -11, 2013
Where: Streets around Fortaleza Street in Old San Juan
Times: See above

Are you going to the Sofo Food Festival? Have you been to one before? Share your stories in the comments below.


  1. julia rivas says

    I would Love to be there to enjoy the Sofo festival. I lived in Puerto Rico four three years and I enjoyed all of the different types of food . I want to someday go back and stay.

    • Coqui says

      Hi Julia

      Thanks for checking out the article.

      The island is getting a great reputation for its food at the moment. From the street food to top end restaurants and there are several food festivals throughout the year showcasing the food :o)

      Thanks again

    • Mari says

      Went Thurs – Sat without knowing anything about it. Great perk to my 1st vacation in PR. Loved the drinks, mojito de coco and the fresh piña coladas. Food was tasty and desserts were yummy. Danced in the streets to a variety of music. Had a blast ;D

  2. says

    I went to Puerto Rico expressly for the food last year! We had so much fun, we are seriously contemplating moving there. Thanks for the info!

  3. Hector Ramos says

    We stumbled upon this festival Friday, August 3 and had an absolutely marvelous experience. We brought back lots of pictures and everyone keeps marveling at how wonderful it all looked.

    The real draw back (appears to be typical of events in Puerto Rico) is that as we are already planning our next trip to Puerto Rico to coincide with this event next year and can find absolutely no information anywhere! I spent about an hour searching “Google de Puerto Rico”, called the hotel Sheraton in Old San Juan where we stayed as well and the “Puerto Rico Tourism Company” and was just now finally able to get to this website. Everybody called the festival something other than its official name which I believe it to be “SoFo Culinary Festival”. Interestingly enough of all the websites the tourism company gave me this one was not listed!!!

    In the end, we are all looking forward to flying to P.R for this festival in 2013. Someday we will hopefully be able to get easy access to information on these types of events in Puerto Rico. Keep it up as this event really reflects the best culinary arts and plain fun the island has to offer!

    • Coqui says

      Hi Hector

      Thanks for posting the comment and checking out the site

      Unfortunately here in PR advanced information about most events is hard to come by and it some cases nothing is announced until a few days before an event takes place – it can be very frustrating.

      I try to keep as up to date as possible on local events but with events like the SoFo Culinary or Food Festival the dates are not set in stone and similar events have even been cancelled due to weather.

      Any way, glad you enjoyed the festival when you were here

      • Charles says

        I stumbled across the SoFo Culinary Fest in Aug 2011, and just like Hector, I had a GREAT time…. The empanadas were to die for!
        I’m subcribing to the site and this posting hoping I can get a good enough warning on when 2013’s SoFo Festival is! I’m in Houston so it’s pretty easy to get a flight a couple of weeks in advance.

  4. RayC says

    came upon this Festival on Sunday as we are leaving OSJ, marvelous absoloutly marvelous enjoyed the food, mostly the Music and the People, Danced in the Streets would like a listing of the Musicians, especialy a young group of men playing in front of a corner Restaurant a block from a Placita, totally enjoyed them very good group
    and thanks, definatly a return is in the works

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