San Juan New Bus Routes for Tourists and Locals

There is not a lot of information about this currently, but the Secretary of State for Puerto Rico announced recently a new bus service that will integrate with the current public bus transportation system. The main purpose of the new service is to enhance the current bus routes and tie into underground train or subway route (ATI).

The new bus routes will service the beach areas and tourist areas of San Juan.

Hybrid buses are set to pick-up passengers at the main train stations and the route will take in the beaches of in Isla Verde, Condado and Ocean Park

This new service is scheduled to start on on August 11th, 2008. This will be a permanent route that will connect the San Juan tourist areas of Isla Verde, Santurce, Condado and Old San Juan. This will be excellent for people who want to vist the various areas with out having to rely on taxis.


  1. Nanatravel says

    Please let us know more details once it is up and running. This may be the perfect way to see the local area without expensive taxi’s.

  2. Kay says

    We will be in Isla Verde on 8/11/08. If you have any more information about this new bus route, I would appreciate knowing more or where I could find that information. Thanks.

  3. Coqui says

    That’s all the information that I have been able to find so far. If I find anything else I will update the post.


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