Puerto Rico Tourism Roundup: April 2012

Puerto Rico Tourism Round Up April 2012For this month’s round up we’ve got a mixed bag of articles to share. From surfing tips, to camping, to kids enjoying El Yunque; check out the articles below and get inspired your next trip to Puerto Rico

Oh and there’s an awesome video that you need to check out….

Rincon: One of the Caribbean Coolest Beach Towns

Caribbean Travel Mag gives a shout out to Rincon in its list of Caribbean’s Coolest Beach Towns. Mentioned for its great surfing beaches; Maria’s Beach, Steps Beach and Domes Beach during the winter months and calmer waters and quieter beaches through the summer. The article also has some ideas for non water activities and spots to grab some great local food. Check out the article here (CaribbeanTravelMag.com)

Caribbean’s Surf Mecca

Transworld Surf has a great article on the northwest corner of Puerto Rico geared as one might expect to surfers. All your questions will be answered. When to go, Why you should go, How to get there, Where to Stay, Where to eat, What to bring, and more are all covered here (surf.transworld.net)

Beach Camping in Puerto Rico: It’s an Adventure

The Daily Muse gives a run down on how adventurous camping can be in Puerto Rico and what you need to do before you go and how you can keep costs down while you are here. If you are looking to have an inexpensive trip to Puerto Rico, then camping is one option; so check out the article here (TheDailyMuse.com)

El Yunque With Kids

Puerto Rico is a great destination for families and El Yunque is probably one of the most popular attractions to visit. The website Kidventurous has some great tips to help make your day in El Yunque fun for you and your kids. Check out the article here (Kidventuros.com)

Puerto Rico the Best Kept Travel Secret in the Caribbean

The Daily Mail (UK) interviews Sir Bruce Forsyth and finds out just why he loves the golf, the island, the people, the food and why he has a second home here in Puerto Rico. Check out the interview here (dailymail.co.uk)

Bomba and Plena: Shared Traditions – Distinct Rhythms

Bomba and Plena are musical styles that you will hear throughout Puerto Rico. Bomba evolved out of the musical traditions brought by enslaved Africans in the 17th century and Plena evolved from Bomba during the start of the 20th century in the southern region of Puerto Rico. To find out more about these two distinctive sounds check out the article by Smithsonian Folkways here (folkways.si.edu)

Tourism Oscars: Puerto Rico up for SEVEN

If like me you were unaware of the Tourism Oscars don’t worry, they are actually called the World Travel Awards (WTA) and for 2012 Puerto Rico has been nominated for seven. For a rundown of the seven categories check out the article here (caribbeanbusinesspr.com)

Nature at its Best: Leatherback Sea Turtle Nesting on Vieques

Finally you REALLY need to see this awesome video of a Leatherback Sea Turtle nesting on Vieques Island earlier this month (kineticcreative on youtube.com)

Surfing photo: Elizabeth McCabe from Flickr using Creative Commons License

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