Puerto Rico Coupon Sites: aka Daily Deals

Puerto Rico Coupon Sites - Daily DealsIf you are looking to save some money on your vacation to Puerto Rico then you might want to check out the local Puerto Rico Coupon Sites, aka online discount sites or Daily Deals.

You’ve probably heard of and maybe even used Groupon. Well here in Puerto Rico we have a host of locally operated Discount Sites that work in the same way as Groupon.

The most popular Discount Sites are:

Tip: Don’t be too concerned that some of the sites are only in Spanish. You can easily use Google Translate or another online translation site to translate the webpage / text into English. Also if you happen to use Google Mail (GMAIL), you can actually get the email that you received translated directly in GMAIL.

Basically, these sites offer discounts (usually savings of 50% or more) on things like restaurants, hotels, outdoor activities and everyday purchases.

Discounts are offered daily and are usually limited in the numbers that are offered or they are offered with a deadline date.

To be eligible for an offer all you have to do is sign up with your email to the discount site. You will then receive daily deals of the day to your email account.

Once you see an offer that you would like to purchase, you pay for it online with a credit card and receive confirmation in your email, which you print out as proof of purchase.

Before Purchasing a Deal

Read ALL the information (including the small print) about a particular offer, especially any special conditions, times or deadline dates when they can be used

Once you purchase a deal, there are no refunds (usually)

Restaurant deals usually specify menu items that the deal covers. Make sure you are OK with those.

For outdoor activities make sure your dates are flexible in case your first choice if fully booked. It’s a good idea to contact the company offering the activity first before buying the deal to make sure they have availability for the specific dates.

Local taxes (IVU) and gratuities are usually not included in the daily deals.

For hotels check to see if the deal includes the resort charge (if applicable).

Finally for purchases like hotel accommodation, outdoor activities, contact the companies directly to see how much they are charging. You may find that they are running specials anyway, that may or may not be less rigid in term of when they can be used.

Have you used any Daily Deal Sites on your vacation to Puerto Rico. Let us know your experiences in the comments below

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