Puerto Rico Bio-Bay and Kayak Tours

Being an island Puerto Rico has plenty of options for water adventures and being Puerto Rico it also has the added advantage of having 3 bioluminescent bays (bio-bays). The following is a list of tour operators that offer kayaking tours and bio-bays tours in Puerto Rico.

Note: Not all the bio-bay tour operators use kayaks for their tours. If you are not feeling that adventurous check out one of the operators that use an eco-friendly boat to tour the bio-bays.

Kayaking Puerto Rico

kayaking puerto ricoKayaking Puerto Rico offer Aquafari’s that include kayaking, snorkeling and beach exploration, as well as Bio-bay tours.

Aquafari Culebra
You can take this tour if you are based on mainland Puerto Rico or on Culebra Island. For those traveling from mainland Puerto Rico the cost of the tour includes ferry ride from Fajardo to Puerto Rico and transport to and from kayaking location on Culebra. The tour lasts for around 3.5 hours and operates (Tues – Sat). the tour takes in 2 snorkeling spots and 1 beach stop with light refreshments provided.
Maximum number of 20 people

AquaSafari Seven Seas
The AquaSafari Seven Seas in Fajardo is only available march to August. It is a 2.5 hour tour that takes you kayaking along the coastline of Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve where you will get the chance to snorkel followed by a stop at Playa Escondida for a break and light refreshments
Transportation from San Juan can be arranged for an extra cost

Bio-Bay Tour
This is a 2 hour kayak tour of the Laguna Grande Bio-Bay near Fajardo. As with all Laguna Grande Bio-Bay tours you will head out from Las Croabas to the Bio-Bay, where your guides will tell you all about the bioluminescence and local ecosystems.
2 tours are available early evening (6pm) and late evening (8pm)

See site for details
Or call 787-245-4545

Pure Adventure

pure adventure puerto rico kayak toursPure Adventure offers all types of adventure tours including bio-bay and kayak tours:

Big Bay ‘Laguna Grande’Adventure
On your 2.5 hour tour of the Bio-Bay you will be accompanied by a Graduated Marine Biologist as you kayak through the mangroves to the Laguna Grande Bio-Bay. Tours start at 5:15pm and 8pm

Reef Garden Adventure

This tour combines kayaking and snorkeling along the reef at Seven Seas Beach in Fajardo. Tours start at 10am and 2pm

Wildlife Adventure
This 2.5 hour tour will have you kayaking at the Nature Wildlife Reserve in Humacao. The tour takes you through a series of lagoons and the Languna Mandri with its mangrove-lined inlets and canals.

See site for details
Or call 787-314-4347


akuadventures kayak biobayAkuadventures kayak offer tours in the Laguna Grande Bio Bay using glass bottom kayaks, allowing you to see the glow of the bio-bay through the bottom of the kayak.

Tours start and end at Las Croabas and you can expect the tour to last between 1.5 to hours.

See site for details
Or call 787-685-9522

Aqua Frenzy Kayaks

aqua frenzy kayaks biobayAqua Frenzy kayaks offer a longer Laguna Grande bio bay tour as they also include an afternoon mangrove ecotour with a stop at a local beach.

These tours set off around 4pm where you will kayak through the mangrove canals until you reach the local beach where you can enjoy local food and music.

At dusk you then head back to the bio-bay to enjoy the luminescence of the bay.

See site for details
Or call 787-741-0913

Enchanted Island Eco Tours

enchanted island kayaks biobayNature Lovers kayak Adventure
This is a 3 hour kayak trip into the Las Croabas Bay. The tour will allow you to experience the bay during the day and to explore the areas local wildlife. Tour guides give commentary on the local ecosystem.

Bio Bay Tour
The Bio Bay tour starts at sunset at Las Croabas where you will take a 20-25 minute kayak through the Las Croabas channel into the Laguna Grande Bio bay. Tour guides will give a commentary on the bio bay and the areas wildlife. Kayaking will last approximately 2 hours.

Full Moon Eco Kayak Adveture
This is the same tour as the Bio bay Tour but takes place when the moon is full. This is when viewing the Bio Bay is not recommended and so this tour is an alternative option to see the Laguna Grande bay under full moonlight.

See site for more details
Or call 787-888-2887

Island kayaking Adventure

island kayaking adventure biobayIsland Kayaking Adventures was founded in 1998

Bio Bay Tour
Kayak tours of the Laguna Grande Bio bay. Tours start at Las Croabas and last approximately 2 hours. Tour guides provide information on the areas ecosystem and local sites such as the Fajardo Lighthouse
Tour Times 6:30pm to 8:30pm and 8:30pm to 10:30pm (kayakers must arrive half hour before the tour start)

Kayaking and Snorkeling Tour
This is a half day tour (mornings or afternoons) starting at Seven Seas Beach. During the tour your guide will take you along the shoreline of fajardo giving you the chance to explore some of the local reefs as well as a visit to a local secluded beach for snacks and the chance to soak up the sun
Tour Times: 9:00am-12:00pm or 1:00pm-4:00pm

Kayaking Eco Tour
This is a 2.5 hour tour of the Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve. Guides will show you the local fauna and flora and the ecosystem of the area

For all kayaking tours by Island kayaking Adventure transportation from San Juan can be arranged at an extra coast

Island Kayaking Adventures also offer Fishing and Snorkeling Boast Tours
They are Endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company

See site for details
Or call 787-462-7204

Las Tortugas Adventure

Las Tortugas Adventure kayak biobayLas Tortugas Adventure offers 3 kayaking tours; Eco Kayak Tour, Kayak Snorkel Tour and Bio-Bay Tour.

Eco Kayak River Tour
The Eco Kayak Tour takes place on the Rio Espiritu Santo, Rio Grande Nature Reserve. This is a kayak tour down river until you reach Bahia Beach. This is a great way to learn about the rivers ecosystem as well as enjoy some time at the beach

Kayak Snorkel Tour
Las Tortugas offer half-day and full day kayak snorkel tours located around the Las Cabezas Bay. The tours give you the chance to enjoy the coastline and snorkel the local reefs as well as chance to explore Hidden Beach

Bio-Bay Tour
2 tours are offered; early evening around 6pm and then again at around 8:30pm. Tours start and end at Las Croabas and last around 2 hours

See site for details
Or call 787-809-0253

Yokahu Kayaks

yukahu kayaks biobayYokahu Kayaks have been offering tours in Puerto Rico for around 10 years. They currently offer:

Bio-Bay Kayaking
Laguna Grande, Fajardo. There tours start at 6pm and last approximately 2 hours.

7 Seas Eco Kayaking
The tour takes place along Seven Seas Beach in Fajardo. After some paddling to reach “La Matita” you will have time to relax and enjoy the beach

River Trip
This trip will take you paddling downstream in the Espiritu Santo Rive. This 2 hour tour gives you the chance to explore the eco-system of the river and a chance to enjoy a stop at Coco Beach

See site for details
Or call 787-863-5374

Eco-Action Tours

eco action toursEco Action Tours offer2 tours of the Laguna Grande Bio-Bay at Fajardo.

You can either do a kayak tour (they have kayaks for 1 -3 people) or take the electric powered boat tour. Both tours last approximately 2 hours.

There is a minimum of 4 people required for the electric boat tour

See site for details
Or call 787-791-7509

Abes Snorkeling and Bio-Bay Tours

abes snorkeling biobay viequesAbes Snorkeling is located on Vieques and they offer several kayaking options:

All In One Bio-Bay – Kayak through mangroves, snorkel off a private beach, watch the sunset and then tour the Bio-Bay

Night Bio-Bay Tour – Take a two hour interpretive tour of Mosquito Bay

Cayo Afuera Snorkeling – this snorkeling and kayak tour will take you to the small island Cayo Afuera just off Esperanza beach, where you can snorkel the reefs

Mangrove Kayak Tour – this is a two hour tour of the mangroves where you will see and learn about the islands ecosystem

Tres Palmitas Kayak Tour – this is a three hour tour around Puerto Ferro bay that includes snorkeling, a mangrove tour and a close up look at the Puerto Ferro lighthouse

Abes Snorkeling are Endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company

See site for details
Or call 787-741-2134

Blue Caribe Kayaks

blue caribe kayaks viequesBlue Caribe Kayaks are based in Vieques and have been operating kayak tours to Mosquito Bay (Vieques Bio-Bay) since the 1990’s. As well as the Bio-Bay tour they also offer snorkeling and kayak tours.

The Bio-Bay Tour lasts approximately 2 hours. Typically they offer two tours with the first starting at around 6pm and then the second around 8-830pm.

Other tours include a Combo Snorkeling and Bio-Bay tour as well as guided snorkel tours of the local reefs.

Blue Caribe kayaks also offer bike, kayak and scooter rental

See site for details
Or call 787-741-2522

Island Adventures

island adventures bio-bay viequesIsland Adventures are based in Vieques and offer nightly tours (moon phase permitting) of the Vieques Bio-Bay (Mosquito Bay) using and electrical powered double pontoon boat. Tour guides are bilingual and explain the ecology of the plants and animals of the bay. An added bonus to this tour is the option to swim in the bio-bay. Mosquito Bay is currently the only bio-bay in Puerto Rico where you are actually allowed to swim.

See site for details
Or call 787-741-0720

Heaven Karibe Adventure

heaven karibe adventure kayak biobayHeaven Karibe Adventure are based in Vieques and offer tours of Mosquito Bay (Vieques Bio-Bay) as well as kayak and snorkeling tours of the local area.

Mosquito Bay Tours
Heaven Karibe Adventure are based in Vieques and offer tours to Mosquito Bay (Vieques Bio-bay). Tours are lead by a local biologist who will explain all about the bio bay and local ecosystem.

Kayak & Snorkeling
Tours to a nearby island are also offered that combine kayaking with snorkeling at the reefs around the island

See site for details
Or call 787-909-9685

East Wind Catamaran

eastwind catamaran vieques bio-bay toursEast Wind Catamaran are currently the only tour company to offer a tour ro the Vieques Bio-Bay from mainland Puerto Rico.

The Vieques Bio-Bay tour departs the Puerto Del Rey Marina near Fajardo and heads over to Vieques giving you great views of the Fajardo coastline as well as El Yunque rainforest.

On arrival in Vieques you are taken to a local restaurant for a local style dinner before heading to the Mosquito Bay for your tour of the Bio Bay.

You tour the bay aboard an electric powered boat and have the option of swimming in the bio-bay. Once the tour is completed you head back to Fajardo

See site for details
Or call 787 860-3434

Paradise Scuba and Snorkel

paradise scuba snorkel bio-bay tourParadise Scuba and Snorkel are located in La Parguera on the south coast of Puerto Rico, which is home to Puerto Rico’s third Bio-Bay.

As well as scuba and snorkel tours, Paradise Scuba also offer a Bio-Bay boat tour with the option to swim in the bay. Tours start around 6:30pm and there is a minimum requirement of 4 people

See site for details
Or call 787-899-7611

Other companies offering Bio-Bay and Kayaking tours (no website available) in Puerto Rico include:

Eco Xcursion Aquatica – 787-888-2887
Encantos Ecotours – 787-272-0005
AdvenTours – 787-889-0251
Fondo de Cristal 787-899-5891 (for the La Parguera near Lajas on the south west coast)
Johnny’s Boats 787 299-2212 (for the La Parguera near Lajas on the south west coast)

If you have taken a bio-bay or kayak trip here in Puerto Rico, why not share some information in the comments below. Also if there are other bio-bay or kayak company websites not listed add them to the comments section


  1. Tammy says

    I have tried contacting AkuAdventures at least 6 times and never get a response. Are they still in business? I used them on the bioluminescent kayak tour in January 2010 and would like to use them again because of the glass-bottom kayaks they used.

    I thought you should know so you could update your site, if they are no longer in business.

    • Coqui says

      Not sure if they r still in business but I find ALOT of operators here ate not great at answering calls and even worse answering emails

    • says

      Eco Adventures still in business but only 2 companies work on sunday. They are slow answering the calls. In you need some help about it visit my web. Mora

  2. robin says

    Are any of the BioBay operators open on Sundays? I can’t seem to find any that are. We are only going to be in PR on a Sunday from 3pm-midnight, and this is the one activity our entire family wants to do. (if no one is open, could someone please explain to me the reason)….thanks.

    • Coqui says


      Most do not go out on a Sunday so that the bio bays get a break from the tours it’s a way to try to preserve it

      U could try Akuadventures as I have read that they do Sunday’s but I have no first hand experience with them

      Good luck

    • gayle says

      I just read on elyunque.com/biobay.html. (I had googled biobay and kayaking tours and came up with this) it is under fajardo tours). They state there that if you can only do the Sunday to contact them and arrangements may be available. 787 435 1665. This could be our issue too as our cruise comes back sunday am and we fly out mon.


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