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Día Nacional de la Salsa 2008

National Salsa Day in Puerto RicoNote: The 2011 Dia Nacional de la Salsa (National Salsa Day) takes place on Sunday March 20

The annual Día Nacional de la Salsa (National Salsa Day) will take place at the Hiram Bithorn Stadium, San Juan on Sunday March 30. This is the 25th anniversary and this years event will honor “El Judio Maravilloso Larry Harlow”, “Maestro Manny Oquendo” and “Sr. Rafael Viera”.

If you want to experience some live salsa then this will be the place to be. There will be performances by Larry Harlow with Ismael Miranda and Junior “Hommy” González. “Manny Oquendo con su Conjunto Libre”, Frankie Vázquez and Pupi Cantor, La Spanish Harlem Orchestra singing Ray De La Paz, El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico, La Sonora Ponceña and Orquesta Siglo XX.

What: Día Nacional de la Salsa
Where: Hiram Bithorn Stadium, San Juan
When: Sunday March 30
Price: $22
Info: Ticketpop

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  1. bette wanderman says:

    What is the date for 2009 ofel dia nationale de salsa and who will be performing?

  2. AIDA FIGUEROA says:


  3. IRIS GONZALEZ says:

    I would like to know when the next dia nacional de la salsa is schedule for. We live in N.Y. and have been attending this event every year for the past 8 years. I had tickets for last year’s event and we were not able to attend do to snow storm. We are hoping we can find out the next date since we already have our tickets paid for. Please let me know any information available. Thank you.

  4. Dia Nacional de la Salsa; march 29 2009

  5. Se celebra el tercer (3er) domingo de marzo; este año será el 18 de marzo de 2009…

  6. Sorry, corrigiendo la fecha el tercer domingo este aña cae 15 de marzo de 2009

  7. i would like 2 know what is the date of the concert 4 this year 2009

  8. The official day for dia nacional de la salsa is on Sun March 29th, 2009. It was confirmed on San Juan’s radio station 93.7. I also called them for reassurance. Tickets are not being sold as yet. You can go to for more info.

  9. Can you send me Some info on this years 2009 Dia National de la Salsa. Is March 29, 2009 a sure date. Why is it so hard to find info on this event.

  10. mayra reyes says:

    send me info this year dia nacional de la salsa is march 22 or march 29 2009

  11. mayra reyes says:

    por favor necesito saber si el dia nacional de la salsa es el 22 o el 29 recuerden que en marzo hay 5 domingos en calendario.

  12. Rosa Mendez says:

    Can you please email me the schedule for the “Dia nacional de la salsa” on March 29, 09. It’s so hard to find the schedule. I’m from Brooklyn, NY. thank you.

  13. Why is it so hard know where they are selling tickets for this event?? Is it a private event?

  14. FFinally, they announced yesterday on Zeta93 that the tickets for the Dia Nacional de la Salsa on Sunday March 29, 2009 will go on sale on Friday March 13th, at the Hiram Bithorn Stadium.

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