Cooking, Flying Knives and Volcanoes…

Update Oct 2010. The Orange Blossom Restaurant has closed.

Cooking, flying knives and volcanoes are all in a nights work for the chefs at the Orange Blossom restaurant in San Patricio Village, Guaynabo.  This is an excellent Japanese restaurant (I’ve been several times) where the chefs cook your food right in front of you at the teppanyaki tables (each table/station seats between 10 – 12 people).

The layout of each teppanyaki table makes it a little difficult to hold conversions with everyone at the table, then again, the chefs juggling and cooking skills, as well as the great food are what most people go there for.  Each chef has his own style, which includes setting the food on fire, usually in the form of a flaming volcano.  The flaming volcano is not unique to the Orange Blossom as I have seen this at other Japanese restaurants. But even so, it is well worth seeing.  The chefs juggling and knife skills along with their poor cookery related jokes add to the fun of the evening.

The food at the Orange Blossom is extremely good and the menu includes the typical offerings of a teppanyaki restaurant; chicken, salmon, shrimp, New York strip, filet mignon etc.  The restaurant also serves sushi, either at the teppanyaki tables or in the sushi section of the restaurant. The ambience is extremely nice and the waiters and chefs are very good.  Be prepared to wait if you go on a weekend.   Once you are seated, you will not have long for the show to begin.

If you have never experienced a teppanyaki restaurant (or even if you have) and you are looking for a fun time with good food; try the Orange Blossom.


  1. Javier says

    I love this restaurant, very entertaining plus awesome food (I recommend the Fillet Mignon/Chicken combo) It’s true we had to wait for while for the preparations, but it was totally worth it. Thanks for the review, very very accurate.

  2. Jen says

    They reopened and its better than ever. Great service new specials new food and the best place too take ur fam,were they can have fun watching how the chef cook ur food right in front of u. Go and see for ur self.In Puerto Rico San Patricio Plaza. They have valet parking were u omly have too pay 2 dollors trust me its good

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