Ponce Carnival 2012

Ponce Carnival

Held every year during the week leading up to Ash Wednesday, the Ponce Carnival in Puerto Rico is a HUGE celebration attended by thousands of locals and visitors to the island. This year’s event takes place from February 15th to 21st. The Carnaval de Ponce as it is known locally is one of the oldest carnivals, with its roots dating back to 1858. It marks the beginning of … [Read more...]

Castillo Serralles, Ponce

castillo serralles ponce

Castillo Serralles in Ponce or Serralles Castle to give its English translation is the Grand House that rum built. The house was built back in the 1930’s by the Serralles family who made their money growing sugar cane, running a sugar mill and producing fine Puerto Rican rum. They chose to build their house on a hill giving spectacular views of the city of Ponce, the Caribbean … [Read more...]

Parque de Bombas, Ponce

parquec de bombas ponce

Parque de Bombas is one of the most recognized buildings in Ponce and is probably up there with El Morro Fort when it comes to landmarks of Puerto Rico. The building was designed and built for the 1882 Exhibition Trade Fair and by 1885 it had become known as Ponce’s official fire station. Today, Parque de Bombas serves as a museum as well as the local tourism center for … [Read more...]

Ponce Carnival 2011

ponce carnival puerto rico

The streets of Ponce will come alive with vibrant color, bomba and plena music and the infamous masked vejigantes, during the week long Ponce Carnival beginning on March 2 and ending Tuesday March 8, the day before Ash Wednesday. The Ponce Carnival is a major event in the Puerto Rico calendar and it is one of the oldest festivals in the western hemisphere dating back to … [Read more...]

First Time to Puerto Rico: 5 Essential Day Trips

Puerto Rico Daytrips

If you are like me, you like to plan ahead, especially if you’re a visiting a place for the very first time. Here in Puerto Rico there are a lot of things to see and do especially if you are willing to explore beyond the San Juan metro area, and for those visiting the island for the first time, deciding what are the ‘must sees’ can be a little overwhelming. … [Read more...]

Puerto Rico Bio-Bay and Kayak Tours

Puerto Rico Bio Bay and Kayak Tours

Being an island Puerto Rico has plenty of options for water adventures and being Puerto Rico it also has the added advantage of having 3 bioluminescent bays (bio-bays). The following is a list of tour operators that offer kayaking tours and bio-bays tours in Puerto Rico. Note: Not all the bio-bay tour operators use kayaks for their tours. If you are not feeling that … [Read more...]

42 Things To Do In Puerto Rico’s South Coast

Attractions in the South of Puerto Rico

42 Things to do in Puerto Rico's South Coast. Head south from San Juan and you will find the beautiful south coast of Puerto Rico, over looking the Caribbean Sea. 1. Pattillas Small beach town that offers surfing as well as a near by lake. 2. Arroyo The town of Arroyo has a picturesque seaside promenade that has been recently restored. Many of the towns building fan … [Read more...]

Museo de Arte De Ponce Closing Until 2010

UPDATE: The Museo de Arte de Ponce will REOPEN in November 2010 after extensive rennovations This weekend the Museo de Arte De Ponce will be closing its doors to accommodate a major refurbishment of the museum. The museum is marking this closure with a special event on Sunday, March 30, 2008. Admission will be free and there will be all day activities and attractions. … [Read more...]