Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Meal with a View: Asador Isla Bonita

Asador Isla Bonita Restaurant

Wow what a view…. Those were my thoughts when we arrived at Asador Isla Bonita restaurant near Aibonito. The restaurant offers expansive panoramic views of the mountain regions of Cayey, Cidra, Guayama and the Caribbean Ocean to the south from a vantage point 2700ft above sea level and very close to La Tetas de Cayey. [...]

Photos: Caguas Botanical Garden

Caguas Botanical Gardens

The Caguas Botanical Garden also known as the Botanical and Cultural Garden William Miranda Marin is just a short 30 minute drive south of San Juan. Inside the gardens you will find the ruins of a Sugar Plantation, recreation of a slave house, Taino archeological artifacts, a small boating lake and well groomed grounds where [...]

2014 Aibonito Flower Festival

2013 aibonito flower festival

The Aibonito Flower Festival takes place in the mountain town of Aibonito and is the largest plant and sale show here in Puerto Rico. The 2014 Aibonito Flower Festival runs from June 27 through July 6 and marks the 46th anniversary of the festival. The flower festival is a huge event for Aibonito with thousands [...]

Big Picture: Mirador Villalba Orocovis

mirador villalba orocovis puerto rico

Panoramic view at the Mirador Villalba Orocovis lookout on the Ruta Panoramica, RT 143

The Arecibo Observatory: The Truth Is Out There

arecibo observatory puerto rico

The Arecibo Observatory is CURRENTLY home to the world’s largest single-aperture radio telescope with a diameter of 1000ft (305m). Unfortunately that crown will be handed over to China in 2016 when the radio telescope goes online in the Guizhou Province in southern China. The Arecibo Radio Telescope is used to study three major research areas: [...]

Guavate: It’s a PORK Thing

guavate puerto rico for lechon

Question: Guavate, Puerto Rico ? Answer: The best (but not the only place) to try Lechon (slow roasted whole pig) in Puerto Rico Guavate, Puerto Rico is a pork lover’s dream and is a MUST stop for anyone who wants to try the traditional Puerto Rican Lechon. Located about 45mins south of San Juan, Guavate [...]

Big Picture: Lago Dos Bocas

lago dos bocas puerto rico

Lago Dos Bocas is located near Utuado in the central region of Puerto Rico. The lake and lakeside restaurants make this a great day trip for any one visiting Puerto Rico

4 Alternative Puerto Rico Day Trips

alternative daytrips puertorico

Ok, so you have just read the ‘First Time to Puerto Rico: 5 Essential Day Trips’ article and you are thinking to yourself. ‘We’ve done all those’ or ‘We’re looking for something a bit less touristy’. What options do you have? Answer: PLENTY For anyone that has already been to Puerto Rico and explored the [...]

Lago Dos Bocas: A Man-Made Gem

lago dos bocas

Lago Dos Bocas (Dos Bocas Lake) is located in the Utuado region of Puerto Rico and makes a great daytrip destination (weekends and public holidays). If you are looking for a relaxing time, great scenery and great food; then Lago Dos Bocas is a MUST. Lago Dos Bocas is located just north of Utuado in [...]

Discover Caguas Botanical Garden: A Fine Blend of History and Nature

caguas botanical gardens

60 acres of landscaped gardens mixed with the remains of a 19th Century Sugar Cane Plantation are what awaits you at the Caguas Botanical Gardens. The Caguas Botanical and Cultural Garden (Jardin Botanico y Cultural) first opened in April 2007 and since then locals and visitors alike have walked the grounds enjoying the living exhibits [...]