43 Things To Do In Puerto Rico’s West Coast

The west coast of Puerto Rico has more to offer than just great surfing beaches; here are 43 things to see and do:


1. Aguadilla Ice Skating Ring
If it gets too hot for you outside, then you could always cool down at the Ice Rink
Rd 442 close to Parque Colon
Daily 9:30am – 11pm
787-819-5555 ext 221

2. Crashboat Beach
Known for its colorful fishing boats, surfing and beach fun
End of Rd. 458, off Rd. 107

3. Las Cascadas Water Park
This is the biggest (allegedly) water park in the Caribbean ; great for all the family
Open Saturday – Sunday 10am – 5pm and daily between may – September
Rd. 2, km 126.5
Website: www.parqueacuaticolascascadas.com

4. El Parterre Park
Recreational facilities
Luis Munoz Rivera and Gonzalo Streets

5. Parque Colon
Recreational facilities
Yumet Ave, Rd 442 on the bay

6. Punta Borinquen Public Golf Course
18 hole golf course over looking the ocean
Off Rd. 110
Ramay, Aguadilla

7. Rafael Hernandez Airport
Airport that serves the west of the island. Flights to and from the US are available


8. Beaches
Jobos and Montones Beaches – Rd. 466 heading east
Sardina Beach – Rd. 112 north of town
Shacks and Bajura Beaches – Rd. 466 heading west

9. Guajataca Forest
2,357 acres of subtropical karst vegetation that has 25 miles of walking trails. There are 186 species of trees (156 are native) and 45 bird species in the forest
Rd 446
Open Tuesday – Sunday

Cabo Rojo

10. Boqueron Public Beach
Clear shallow waters, palm tress and a mile of off white sand
Open daily (closed Monday / Tuesday in winter)

11. Cabo Rojo Salt Flats Interpretive Center
Learn about the salt industry and local ecology
Route 301 across from the observation tower
Cabo Rojo
Open Wednesday – Sunday

12. Cabo Rojo Lighthouse
Built in 1882 and restored in 2002 is now part of the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge
Rd 301
Cabo Rojo

13. Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge
Great place for coastal bird watching
Road 301, km 5.1
Cabo Rojo
Open weekdays from 7:30am

14. Golf at Club Deportivo del Oeste
Play golf and watch the sun set
Rd 102, Joyuda
Cabo Rojo

15. Isla de Ratones
Small island off the coast of Joyuda
Cabo Rojo
Open Tuesday – Sunday
787-375-2625 or 787-255-2525

16. La Parguera Cays and Bioluminecent Bay
Boats leave from the dock to the cays during the day and the Bio Bay at night
Rd 116
La Parguera, Lajas

17. Los Proceres Museum
Showcases famous island statespeople as well as indigenous cultures
Rd 312, km 0.4
Cabo Rojo
Open Monday – Saturday

18 Punta Guaniquilla
Protected ecological region of lagoons, water birds and rock formations
Just north of Boqueron


19. Five days with Our Land – Mid March
This is the most important agricultural fair in the west of the island

20. Mayaguez Zoo – Dr. Juan A. Rivera Zoo
See lions, giraffes, tigers, monkeys, an elephant and a host of other animals. Great for all the family
Open Wednesday – Sunday 8:30am – 4:30pm
Rd. 108 barrio Miradero

21. National Mango Festival – Annually in June

22. Plaza Colon
This is one of the largest plaza in Puerto Rico and honors the explorer Christopher Columbus with its large statue
Between McKinley and Mendez Vigo Streets

23. Tropical Agricultural Research Station
Owned by the University of Puerto Rico, the center has over 2000 species of plants and trees. Self guided tours are available weekdays
Post Street’
Website: Tropical Agricultural Research Station

24. Yaguez Theater
The original theater was built from wood but was destroyed by fire in 1919. The rebuilt neo-classical structure is now the center of the city’s cultural activities
McKinley Street, off Plaza Colon


25. Beaches
Anasco Public Beach – Rd 401, Km 1 off Rd 115
Domes Beach – Great for surfing
Playa Corcega – South of the light house on the western section Rd 413
Rincon Public Beach – Cambija Street, off Rd 413
Sandy Beach – Eastern section of Rd 413
Tres Palmas Beach – Great for snorkeling

26. Desecheo Island
Federal Wildlife Preserve that has world class scuba opportunities
12 miles west of Rincon

27. Punta Higiero Lighthouse Park
One of the nicest lighthouses on the island and a graet spot for sunsets, watching the surfers at the nearby beaches and whale watching at the start of the year
Road 413
Open daily

28. Mona Island
50 miles off the coast – this 7 miles long and 4 miles wide island has 200-foot cliffs riddled with caves. The island is home to the Mona Iguana, the Geco Oriundo and the Hawksbill and the Leatherback sea turtle.
Camping is allowed at Sardinera Beach
Coqui note: No more than 100 visitors are allowed on the island at any one time.
787 722-1726.

Guanica and San German

29. Balneario Cana Gorda (beach)
Closed Monday & Tuesday in winter
Rd 333

30. Gilligans Island – Cayos de Cana Gorda
White sands and mangrove canopies make this a popular day trip to this small island off the coast of Guanica
Open Tuesday – Sunday
Note: Visitor limits are imposed

31. Guanica Dry Forest
This is a Unesco World Biosphere Reserve that is an excellent spot for hiking and bird watching.
Open daily 9am – 12pm and 1pm – 4:30pm
Rd. 334, km 6

32. Porto Coeli Chapel
One of the oldest churches in the new world
Plazuela Santo Domingo
San German
Open Wednesday – Sunday

33. Porta Coeli Religious Art Museum
Former convent that was built in 1606 and is one of the oldest in the new world
Open Wednesday – Sunda0am – 4:20pm
Plaza Santo Domingo
San German

34. Ramirez Arellano Museum
7 Esperanza Street
San German
Open Wednesday – Sunday

More Towns

35. Aguada Museum
This is the towns former train station and now showcases the colonization of Puerto Rico and more
7 Avienda Nativo Alers
Open Weekday mornings and by appointment on weekends

36. Basilica Monserrate
Shrine commemorating a miracle by Our Lady of Montserrat
Central Plaza
Open Daily

37. El Castillo Amusement Park
Fun for the family with a medieval castle, haunted house and wave pool
Open Friday – Sunday in the winter and Wednesday – Sunday in the summer

38. Ernita de Espinar
Restored remains of a hermitage that was originally built by Franciscan missionaries in the 1500s

39. Espinar Beach
Rd 442, Bario Espinar

40. Los Moreau Palace
Large mansion built by a French plantation owner which is now a museum of local artifacts etc.
Route 2, km 115
Open daily

41. Maricao Forest and Fish Hatchery
Recreational center with great views of the Mona Passage
Route 120
Forest open Tuesday – Sunday. Hatchery open Thursday – Sunday
787-724-3724 or 787-838-1040

42. Panaderia Los Cocos
This is Puerto Rico’s oldest bakery, so they must be doing something right…
Rd 484
Open daily

43. San Sebastian Market Town – Farmers Market
Agropecuaria Plaza
San Sebastian

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  1. C.E. Almeyda says

    Another thing overlooked in the travel report to the west side of PR is the town of San Sebastian. In this town you can find secluded and wild areas known only to the locals, rich rivers and water falls where people have a tendency of spending their day when it is extremely hot. This rivers and waterfalls are known amongs the locals as “Gozalandia”, El rio de Robles and Salto Collazo among others including the Culebrinas river. Other areas include a part of the Guajataka lake which is divided amongst 3 towns of Isabela, Quebradillas and San Sebastian,where people can enjoy a day either boating,fishing or just swiming in the lake.
    When it comes to food, San Sebastian has its places just like many others, aside from the fast food franchise restaurants, San Sebastian has many places to sample the local puertorrican cuisine. Places like Manhattan Cafe in Magos sector where people can have a taste of the food at very low affordable places. Another place for the sandwich lovers is called El Criollo, a large truck that parks every night in the old Luis Munoz Marin sports arena parking lot,there the people can have really large warm sandwiches of almost any kind with a drink for as little as 5 dollars. (Trust me I have never seen anyone have seconds after having one of those sandwiches.)
    If what you are looking is for a place where you can drink all night without worrying about your budget and the place being closed down at 2am due to the law,this is your place. In San Sebastian there are many bars and drinking establisments that open every day and can stay open until midnite or 7am (if the croud is large enough). Places like Blue Moon,a bar known as a “Rocks Bar and alcohol abuse center” where many local rock bands are booked almost every weekend providing live music. Here you can get a beer for as low as 1.25. If you are more into hanging out with friends while drinking and shooting some pool El Expresso is for you. Here you can go during the middle of the day and get a nice hot meal as well as a cold beer, even shoot pool snce the place has a well sorted pool hall where you can drink and play listening to the music or watching sports on tv. Another place is know as Cafe Trafico, a bar next to the town’s flea market grounds ,here you can get all sorts of beers and fancy drinks for as low as1.50 Medalla beers or mixed cocktails for around 3.50. Other than those places the town is full of small bars where people can go and enjoy a drink without the rush or troubles of big city life, or escape to a more simple life.
    During the month of January the town celebrates the party to their holly patron Martir Saint Sebastian, this party lasts for around 7 days it end with the “Festival De La Novilla” a large celebration where each year people from all corners of the island even from different parts of the world come to celebrate the last day of the Patron’s celebration. In this festivity a “Novilla” (a young caff) is dressed in flowers and fancy garments and taken around the town streets as a simbol to bring prosperity to the people of the town. This festival has been know to record over 100,000 people in attendance in one day. During this day the people dance,sing and drink as if it was their last day on earth. So if you think you can party this hard I deffinetly recomend you come and pay a visit to our beautyful and lovely town of San Sebastian, just 35 minutes away from the Rafael Hernandez Airport in Aguadilla.

    • Coqui says

      Thank for the great info. We have made a couple of trips recently to the west coast and have had a great time. Not yet visited San Sebastian, but it is on the list.

      Thanks again for the info, really appreciate it


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